How many places are named Manila?

There are 23 places in the world named Manila!

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There are 23 places called Manila in the world.

Number of places named Manila per country:

There are 10 places named Manila in America.

There are 4 places named Manila in Philippines.

There are 3 places named Manila in Mexico.

There are 2 places named Manila in Colombia.

There is one place named Manila in Mali.

There is one place named Manila in Madagascar.

There is one place named Manila in Ecuador.

There is one place named Manila in Costa Rica.

Places called Manila in America.

Manila - West Virginia - America
Manila - Utah - America
Manila - Tennessee - America
Manila - Missouri - America
Manila - Kentucky - America
Manila - Colorado - America
Manila - California - America
Manila - Arkansas - America
Manila - Arizona - America
Manila - Alabama - America

Places called Manila in Philippines.

Manila - Mindoro Oriental - Philippines
Manila - Manila - Philippines
Manila - Butuan - Philippines
Manila - Albay - Philippines

Places called Manila in Mexico.

Manila - Nuevo Leon - Mexico
Manila - Michoacan de Ocampo - Mexico
Manila - Durango - Mexico

Places called Manila in Colombia.

Manila - Cundinamarca - Colombia
Manila - Casanare - Colombia

Places called Manila in Mali.

Manila - Kayes - Mali

Places called Manila in Madagascar.

Manila - Fianarantsoa - Madagascar

Places called Manila in Ecuador.

Manila - Los Rios - Ecuador

Places called Manila in Costa Rica.

Manila - Limon - Costa Rica